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Old 09-17-09, 09:50 PM   #1
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Montreal - NDG Valley Of Death

So... municipal elections are heating up. I go to Concordia and ride down through NDG every day through the 'Valley of Death' bike path on Maisonneuve between Vendome and Benny. In the NDG area, the state of disrepair of this particular bike path has become quite contentious. One candidate is recommending a bike overpass for the entire intersection, but apparently the path is the jurisdiction of the city, not the borough. I would very much like to at least see the path's potholes be fixed up. The state of the road is scary; the only reason I still use it is because last time I rode down Sherbrooke someone opened their door into me (not to mention countless close calls).

All this is to ask if anyone who rides in this area has any thoughts?

Also, more Montreal posts! Too much Toronto.
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Old 09-18-09, 06:53 AM   #2
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Being a west islander I have not ridden the path you are talking about. On the most part our paths are in good shape however there is lots of room for improvement all over the city.

I will be listening and reading for any indication that one candidate is more supportive of the cycling community than the other.

Would be great if anyone noticing anything of interest on this would post it.
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The NDG section of the de Maisonneuve path has been terrible for the past 10 years at the very least. The last time I took my road bike on it was over 15 years ago. I've only been using my hybrid on it for getting into downtown or an occasional training run. The entire street needs to be dug up and rebuilt from scratch.

In the past, I would take Sherbrooke instead, which is actually more appealing now since it was recently re-surfaced. But I'm still using the path because of less traffic lights through NDG-Westmount. I wouldn't call it a Valley of Death, but you can forget about a peaceful ride.

Regarding the overpass, do you mean the intersection at Decarie? Compared to everything else, this section has never really bothered me. I believe the intersection will be re-modeled in time for the Super Hospital opening (we'll see if they even break ground on this one).
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I used to go down Sherbrooke as well, but there are just too many lights; and the drivers don't pay much attention. Like I said, someone opened their door into me. Maybe it's time I bite the bullet and go back up on Sherbrooke (and pay more attention).

The intersection I'm referring to is de Maisonneuve and Vendome, right by the Metro, although I imagine any remodeling would effect the intersection at Decarie as well. I haven't heard of the 'Super Hospital,' that would certainly make things interesting.
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Also at ConU and commute along de Maisonneuve, not for much longer! The so called repair of the BP has now made it much worse than before, speed bump every five meters!
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I take Sherbrook to Old Orchard and then go south to the bike path. What bugs me is the mess at Decarie with cyclists going every which way and little regard for fellow cyclists.
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Old 10-01-09, 10:43 AM   #7
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I live in downtown Montreal West. I commute along St Jacques to get on the Lachine Canal path at Atwater. There are no cross streets through the NDG area due to the escarpment, it is reasonably paved and the lanes are wide so fast cars are no bother.
Since Sherbrooke was repaved through NDG I find it pretty good. The RH lane is a bit narrow for a car, so you can use the full lane on a bike, leaving the LH lane for the cars.
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Old 10-03-09, 05:05 PM   #8
lead on macduff!
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visiting montreal for the last 9 days (from san diego, california) and
amazed at the sheer number of cyclists of every age and ability
riding the streets here-rain or shine. wish we had as many tackling
the roads in sunny san diego. most just too entrenched in the car culture.
every time the gasoline prices get closer to $4 (a gallon!) in the u.s., you
see more cyclists. i reckon if the prices were equal, we would see more
riders vs drivers. excellent article today in the gazette (montreal) regarding
drivers, cyclists & pedestrians and the inevitable problems arising from
multiple uses of the road & road areas.
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