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    so, I'm riding on the road now..

    Yeah, so, after nearly a year of sticking to the sidewalks, I'm mostly confident enough to move onto the road. It's a pretty busy street, 6-8 lanes, usually pretty backed up in rush hour without a dedicated lane, just those "hey, bikes to go here" symbols.

    Let sidewalk riding hate commence lol. They're almost always deserted, I almost never pass anyone on the ride.

    Anyway, had a question about etiquette. Since this road is almost always backed up, should I remain behind the car in front of me and move with traffic (particularly at stoplights), or should I use the gap to continue moving up to the lights? No honks yet doing that, anyway.

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    If you're in a WOL (Wide Outside Lane), usually the right lane, you can ride on the right of traffic to the light or behind whatever cyclists are in front of you. Sometimes, drivers hug the right side making it hard for you to pass comfortably. In that case, you can choose to wait behind them, or do what I do which is pass around them on their left, then move back to the right when there's room and it's safe to do so.

    As for riding on the sidewalk in the suburbs where traffic generally moves at 60-90 kph, I'm not against it, but the law is so be careful.
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