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    Looking for my first ebike.

    Hey all, I'm new here and have been following ebikes off and on for a while now. I live in Ontario, Canada and I've just recently decided that for sure I want a ebike. I love biking, and Im saving for a house so any money not wasted on a car would be awesome. I live about 5km from work, but I'd definitely want more range to go on longer trips, I'd also like to be able to bring small amounts of cargo, mostly for groceries. I'd ideally like to spend as little as possible, but am willing to spend upwards of $2500 for the right bike/drive system. I'm hooked on the bosch bikes, but it seems difficult to get one in Canada.

    Any recommendations or places to start looking would be awesome. I want to get one up and running as fast as possible!


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    There are dealers in Toronto and Ottawa (and maybe other cities) who carry bikes with the Bosch and other mid-drives. I doubt you will find one under $2500Cdn with our sickly Canadian dollar. You may want to join the Toronto Electric Riders Association at for some local information. TERA members ride both scooter-style bikes and open-frame bikes and by joining you can get a discount from some of the dealers.

    Depending on which city you live in and where you want to purchase, dealer contacts can be provided.

    Send me a message if you want to discuss offline.

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