has anyone made something like this? I am thinking of making this primarily to hide the battery, weather proof it and have the added bonus of a (smaller) frame bag.

I am thinking that I would have to figure out a way to include rubber gaskets (or something) that would wrap around the downtube to prevent rain and water from seeping in. I think it (the velcro) would also need to wrap completely around the top tube and down tube

I will probably make it two compartments, the top part would be the storage area, the bottom would be separated and insulated for the battery. the bottom would have to have a "L" shaped zipper to allow the battery removal, and the top compartment would have a zipper on each side.

If someone has made something similar to this (I've seen the DIY frame bags and that's where I got the idea) please let me know. I'm looking for good suggestions for lightweight, water resistant (I'm looking at ripstop nylon) material and good, strong, weather resistant zippers. also ideas for how to keep the zippers from allowing water in...