Hello ebike riders.
Iím in need of assistance in replacing some stolen parts on my Prodeco Mariner G. This is a 4 year-old bike that was recently vandalized and stripped of the battery, battery mount, and controller. In addition, when the vandals removed the battery mount, they cut the cables leaving behind the throttle without a way to connect it to any future replacement parts.
I contacted Prodeco but they no longer carry the parts and neither did the store where I purchased the bike. Prodeco did offer to sell me upgraded parts at a discount but even at a discount it wasnít a financially reasonable alternative.
The motor is a 24V 200W brushless front hub system, which runs great and gives me just the right amount of power.
To get the bike going again, I think this is what I need (I might need other items Iím not aware of):
1. Frog case Li-ion 24V 9Ah LiFEPO4 16 Cell Removable Battery
2. 34.9mm Frame Battery Mount
3. 200W 24V 20" Wheel Controller w/ Quick Disconnects
4. WuXing 52XD Throttle & Grip w/quick disconnect.
Now, Iím by no means an ebike expert but I think I might be able to put this bike back together again if I can find the correct parts and I sure hope you can help.
Thank you,