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    Questions about E Zip hop up to 36v from 24v: What are benefits/dangers

    I think the 36v motor from the trike is a bolt in. Does anyone know where I could buy that? Also I am running 2 24v motors to a 48v controller. Can I still use that set up with the 36v. Would the bike be faster? What are the dangers or benefits? I'm a novice here. Thanks, ahead.

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    You are running 2 24V motors in series from a 48V controller for an effective 24V each?

    36V 450w motor @ 36V = Same power and speed as the 24V 450w motor @ 24V.
    Replacing with 36V motors, from same 24V each controller will reduce speed and power by 1/3. 15mph 450w reduced to 10mph 300w.

    Running 2 36V 450w in parallel from 48V controller will increase speed from 15 to 20mph and power from 450w to 600w each.

    36V 450w motor is more expensive and less powerful than the 24V 450w motor, from the same voltage input.
    Only feasible advantage is that it is degraded and should survive 48V.

    24V 450w 16mph motor @ 36V 675w ~24mph
    36V 450w 16mph motor @ 48V 600w ~21.33mph
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    why not run the 24v motor at 36v? I do that. It increases my speed by 50% (16 mph to 23 mph). Most motors can run fine at 36v. The danger is that the motor can't spin fast enough to get into its efficiency zone and just generates heat. But if you design it properly, it can be done.

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