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    Help Identifying an Ebike for Potential Repair/Use

    Hello all, I found this electric assist bike thrown out in the trash the other day. I was curious if anyone could offer me any advice on whether it is worth putting any money into or not? I don't know much about electric bikes, but I have to imagine this was fairly expensive when it was new. It looks like it has been indoors nearly all its life, it doesn't show any signs of rust or major wear.
    I'm guessing that the battery is probably dead, or barely holds a charge and that is probably why it was thrown out. They threw the charger out with it. The charger has a 220 volt plug on it, so I'm guessing the bike originated in Europe somewhere. They had an adapter on it which brought the plug down to a 110 plug, but if they plugged it directly into a 110 plug I'm guessing they either fried the battery, or blew out the fuse in it.
    The charger says 230 volt at 50hz, but it looks really cheap, and I have no way to verify if its the original manufacturer charger.
    The only identifying marks I can find on the bike is the brand Zoom on the front forks with a serial number. But searching for Zoom electric bikes only returns a small home business manufacturer in the US...which makes me curious why it would have a 220 volt charger, so i'm guessing this is not the same manufacturer.
    Any help would be appreciated before I chuck it back out the curb myself. I have attached some photos with this post.
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    Zoom is a manufacturer of their own forks as well as making them for others. Bike looks sound, but lower end based on components, definitely worth trying to restore. Motor appears (TO ME) to be direct drive and should last along time; need to look for ID markings on it.

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