I was curious if anyone had any information/opinion of the naro motor available at:


They are based in the UK (obviously), so that may explain the lack of any info about them in the states that I could find. The offering seems very promising, for those who are into the "assist" or "hybrid" idea and not the motor-bike concept.

The thing weighs only 5 lbs, with a power output of 200-350W (based on voltage?), though the peak is higher. It is brushless, and geared, with an awesome freewheel capability -> video here.

Price seems to be $300 for motor and another $100 for controller, all of which seems very reasonable to me.

Coupled with 10lbs of lithium you could have a complete setup that weighed in at 15lbs (most motors alone are this much) with a range of 30+ miles.

So, has anyone heard anything about these? Anyone have any first hand experience? I'd love to hear it.