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    Daymak BAM Bike Kit

    Has anyone tried this product? I am looking to commute to and from work but the 33km trip each way is a bit much for me (I'm also way out of shape). Currently I'm thinking of driving 1/2 way to work and riding the rest of the way. One of these conversion kits would make it so I could do the whole trip with out using my truck but I'm hesitant to spend money on something that may be junk.

    It just seems odd that their lithium kit is noticeably less expensive than any one else's.

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    ya that picture posted on there website shows sla batteries weird. and if thats the geared hubmotor i think it is
    there have been problems with the controllers, in the past. price is way to high.

    you can get this kit without the bike for $649

    its a better hubmotor, mind you the batteries are cheesy

    or put your money towards better lithium and go for this kit i have it works great you supply your own batteries
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