Hi all sensible people

I realize now that if you want to get your article high up the ratings, you only have to get people so mad they jump on a band wagon and respond to your stupid rantings, well unlike the English press, I think people should respond to good news, not whiners complaining that they didn't get a response in 2 minutes, I am well impressed with Bike Forum and the reasonable people, that respond to genuine questions, with helpful information.

I thank all the people that helped me with my ebike problem, and long live Bike Forum

OK I accept that I have not got the most beautiful, lightweight, most expensive, carbon fibre, light alloy, ebike with lithium hydrogen cells, with a 1000w performance, but I am a pensioner, with limited reources and arthritis into the bargain, I just wanted a cheap solution to my painful knees.

Hopefully I have downloaded pics of my ebike if not I am an Incompetent old giffer!

I am happy with what I got, I don't want a wii bike or a cyber dongle, some of us oldies are content with modest things