Hi all I came to this forum because of the ct izip and incredible youtube vids. I really like the bike, but now need help in that i want to quickly do some mods. I want to add another battery and can't find a simple "how to do" for this bike. Any help would be wonderful. I can't find anything except some conversations so if anyone is out there that can help TIA! Or just lead me to it!

i just want to link another battery i guess sla and maybe upgrade the torque and of course increase the speed (lol). I am hoping this new thread will start a good how to do for this inexpensive bike before ct pulls the plug on them, and tweaks them up to a higher grade in an inexpensive way.
When i bought the bike by the way i really got some surprise info CT will be putting them on sale june15 2008 at just over 300 so keep posted

well that's it! I need help and looking forward to to starting or at least get somethin happening on this bike
who knows maybe start a cult....hehe