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    EVG E-Bike LE, what next?

    My first post here, looks like a good active forum...

    Short story:

    I came across a EVG E-Bike LE 36v and have been fully sufficient for my daily commute to and from work (~4miles each way) while living downtown.

    Its a great bike, and its holding together great. I especially love the fact that I can pull my battery pack out like a suitcase and charge it while at work.

    While I have managed to cut my fuel costs to zero while keeping my commute time virtually the same, I find myself wanting to push the bike into a bit more performance to make it a bit more capable of long distance/ speed trips.

    While I consider my self pretty tech savvy, I've only a bit experience in the world of electricity and all of its intricacies... so therefore, any suggestions? Price is a bit of a limiting factor, but im willing to invest in my transportation of the future...

    I'd ideally like to be able to cruise along at ~30mph with no pedal assist, and keep the range up over 10 miles ideally.

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    From what I know the motor can easily take another 12V battery but not sure about the controller. If it can't you can replace the brushed controller with another that is rated to 60V. At 60V (2 extra 12V) you should approach ~27 MPH.

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