so far I have bought one from W E and one from another company Both were made by Aotema one calls it a 600 w the other says up to 750w need to put an amp meter in the circuit to see what it is pulling. The rest of the kit about the same.. More wires coming out of the W e ESC kit but not all are used. Just 2 from the other kit. Bike rack and thumb throttle are the same. The ESC looks the same on the out side but one says 35 amp the other says 50 amp on the ad nothing on the ESC
The quality looks good and so far I have put about 50 hard miles on the first test bike. the one that says up to 750 W I using the 36v li-ion 9.6Ah battery pack only 4.5 lbs
25 lbs for the SLA from We. Not even going to test the SLA will sell it on Ebay