I have a Wilderness Energy kit BD36 kit with 26" motor wheel. The range between charges is purported to be 10 - 15 miles on a charge. I was only getting 3-4 miles and I called distributor and was sent new battery pack, charger and wiring harness. New harness got me up to 5 miles but still this range is only half of the low end of what is advertised.

I put kit on a Nishiki Cascade mountain bike which is old and heavy just like me. I have put street tires on this thing and have repacked all the bearings including the bottom bracket. Now when I ride I pedal 50- 60% of the time and there are few hills where I live. I still am only getting 5 miles max on a charge!

This is very frustrating as you can imagine that it limits the versatility of my unit when I can only travel 2 and a half miles to destination and 2.5 miles back.

Has anyone else encountered this and are there any suggestions, something I may have missed?


Babyboyprime (new member)