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    Front fork resonant frequency

    Some time ago, and after verifing with the dealer, I found that the front
    fork is not suitable exactly for a hub motor. The cogging or pulsing the hub motor makes will resonate through the fork into the frame.

    So, what are some of the forks that people are using?

    Also with the fork off the bike, if I strike it, it will hum , well just like a tuning fork.
    Does anyone know of ways to stop that effect.
    Mine is an older slim steel version. I am trying to find a somewhat beefier type fork like the solid tube ones I see on newer mountain bikes.

    Just wondering

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    I have not noticed a problem on our Biria, but a quick Goggling came up with VibraSystems, a company that specializes in vibration dampening for all sorts of different applications. You may be able to get some ideas from there.

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