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Thread: BL-36 hub motor

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    BL-36 hub motor

    Hello again, While I was searching the forum to see if anyone else had a similar problem as mine in my other post with their WE BL-36 I came across something which I thought was a mistake in the instructions. My instructions were changed and said to mount the hub with the wires in the right side of the bike sitting on it facing forwards. I did that and it turned the wrong directions so I turned it around and put the wires on the left. How do you tell the difference between an older bl-36 and the newer ones? I know the older ones had the wires on the left. My hub motor has AOTEMA written on both sides and has one 3 pin connector. From the pictures I have seen of the new hub there is no writing on them and there are two connectors the same black 3 pin as mine and a square white 3 pin molex connector. I'm wondering if my kit was made with an older motor and sold as a 2008. Thanks again from an ebike newbie
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