Hello all, I am new to this forum.

I have a few questions that now am in the research process of an Ebike.

I am looking to make an Ebike that can move at 30 mph without assist and have a range of apx 30 miles.

My first set of questions is for anyone who enjoys higher speeds:
What type of bike do you have?
What type would you suggest?
Break kits?
Mountain vs cruiser?
Longer wheelbase or standard?

next set of questions concern the motor type:
It seems that most people I have read about have hubstyle motors. I have not read anything regarding the one I am considering the phoenix racer at electricrider.com Top speed 36mph and range of 26miles with a 40ah charge. This will meet my needs, but I have not seen any reviews of this product and 40 amps is a lot of extra weight even in lifepo4.

The other kit I am considering a chain driven cyclone system. It claims 26 mph and a good range with a 24ah charge. Does anyone have any experience with the cyclone or other similar products?

Thank you very much.