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    need cells advice on batt pack build

    hi there,
    i plan on building a 24v 10amp nimh batt pack for my (my1018) ebike set up
    ive been told that sub c cells are the way to go(true or not)???

    anyway i have found a local supplier to me,that seems reasonable
    they have sub c 1.2v 5200mah which seem perfect(from my inexperienced point of view)
    here they are .if the link ive just tried didnt work heres a pic,Product Name: BULK LOT- Box of 24 x NiMH C Rechargable Batteries

    Model Number: BATT24xC

    Web URL:

    Product Price: $134.20 inc GST

    hopefully that worked..

    but they also supply some sub d cell at 1.2v 11000mah,here is another attem at the link ....

    the sub d cells would be easier for me to build as i only have to build in series
    would these sub d cells be good for ebike?????
    thanks for your time

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    Those are no good for an ebike...

    First thing is the 11,000mah rating is optimistic at best, and that would be in an FM radio or something light on power.. not high C rates like you get on an ebike.

    D cell nimh, good stuff, usually is good for 8000mah ( 8ah ), there are DD cells that rate 18ah or so..

    See :

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    C's and sub-C's are two different sizes. Like Y says plain C's are NOT designed to be drained quickly. Basically they are useless for an ebike. And like he says, that capacity rating is a load of BS. Lots of the sub-C cells are designed for high loads though, as the RC guys use them. Depending on just how fast you drain those sub-C's they may not last through many charge/discharge cycles compared with some of the other batteries. Doesn't seem like cycle life is high on the list of concerns for the RC crowd.
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