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    Electric folder for commuting & plane

    I am looking to buy a folding bicycle that I can use in these capacities:
    * To commute here in Seattle. It is about 4 miles, but there is one moderate hill and one very steep one along the way. And, there's traffic, so I can't be all hunched over.
    * For local puttering around town
    * To carry with me in a small plane (Cessna 152, which is why it has to fold). Here it would be used for getting around locally at the destination since most small airports don't even have taxi stands much less rental cars. This would probably mean up to 20 miles of riding in varied terrain. I would expect to pedal, of course.
    * I would like the ability to get a second charger, so I can leave one at home, and one at my parents' house, for when I fly there in the Cessna
    * Being in Seattle, rain resistance would be good

    I'm about 200 pounds, and often carry 20 or 30 pounds of gear to and from work. Because of the hills and weight I think I would prefer a multi-speed bike. Beyond that, I'm not necessarily looking for super cheap, but I don't want to break the bank either... looking for best value.

    Does anybody have any recommendations?
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