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    Have some parts...where to start

    I have access to a bunch of APC brand UPS batteries.

    I also have an small electric chainsaw.

    mounting and connecting it in not the problem

    but how can I control the voltage to control the speed?

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    If the chain saw has a speed control (instead of all-or-nothing) that would be the way to go.

    Otherwise, first you want to know if the motor is brushed or brushless. (probably brushed).

    Then you want to know the voltage and amperage you are dealing with.

    once you know that, you can buy a motor controller (and buy a matching throttle) (a controller is made for brushed motor only, or for brushless motor only) which can handle at least enough amps, and at least enough volts, for your intended use.

    you will probably want a motor controller that has a built in amperage limit, in order to avoid destroying your motor, your controller, or your fuses.

    I recommend Google Shopping search; search for the words "brushless motor controller" or "brushed motor controller"
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