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    battery question, please advise

    hello everybody,
    thank you for the answers regarding the top speed and milage for my 240W-36 V(10AH) folding xunda e bike. the battery on this bike is under the seat. the seat has a release lever to lift up and pull the battery out.

    as you'll had mentioned that the 10 miles per charge was just right, i am wondering how to get more mileage from my bike. can i get a more powerful battery to get more mileage per charge? can i do so?

    do i have to upgrade the hub motor to a higher power also? my intention is to just get more distance in a charge with the same 240W hub motor. i live in california and am planning to ride in the winter as i have no car. are e-bikes ok to ride in the rain,or do i need to have some sort of plastic cover to keep the electric system safe away from the rain?
    looking forward to listen to your advice.

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    You can either carry a second battery pack - and switch out when one is dead. Or, you can choose a higher amp hour (ah) battery. Higher AH means higher capacity and longer range. Typically, you can expect the range to equal the AH. For example, a 10AH battery will typically get 10 miles per charge. Likewise, a 15AH or 20AH battery will get you 15 or 20 miles. Obviously, there's lots of factors involved. If you pedal more, you can extend the range significantly. But in general, this is a good way to determine which battery will suit your needs...

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