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    So, whats the word on Bionx IGH3?

    Vapourware? Yes? No?
    Could there be 8spd PL350 variant in the future?
    That would be nice.

    Check it out:

    BionX launches 'IGH3 technology', a revolutionary 3-speed Integrated Gear Hub motor.
    posted: October 20, 2009
    BionX, the leading brand of alternative & intelligent mobility solution for bicycles, will launch its new 3 speed Integrated Gear Hub at Eurobike in partnership with Trek.

    BionX, the leading brand of alternative & intelligent mobility solution for bike, will launch its new 3 speeds Integrated Gear Hub at Eurobike in partnership with Trek.

    With the use of ebikes and pedelec growing rapidly in cities and the demand for a ‘care-free’ product adapted for personal and rental use increasing, BionX gave its two R&D Teams based in Canada and Austria the task of developing the ultimate care-free product that uses both BionX technology and a new SRAM 3 speeds hub.

    The fusion of BionX’s new SinDrive technology motor wheel and SRAM hub has created a high performance rear propulsion system that is silent, smooth, easy to use, and perfect for anyone who wants to ride without having to adjust, clean and lubricate external gears.

    “We developed this product to target individual commuters, large cities rental programs, communities and business use like postal and police services, in using our proven BionX technology. We were looking at the ideal partner to launch it together with us and naturally opted for Trek thanks to their in depth involvement with BionX in their European and more recently North American ‘powered by BionX’ pedelec programs, together with our common wishes to build the ultimate care free products in using a rear propulsion system, dedicated for city users”,
    said Vincent Lamoureux, International Sales Director of BionX.

    The IGH3 is the first product under the new "PedeleCity" (pedelec for city use) BionX umbrella.

    The new IGH3 will be featured at both the EPS – BionX and Trek booths at Eurobike and will be available for test riding on the Extra Energy test track newly relocated in the Eurobike atrium.


    PL250 HT – IGH3

    Motor: 250W High Torque SinDrive with 3 speeds Integrated Gear Hub
    Battery: Lithium Maganese 36V – 10Ah
    Watt/Hours: 355Wh
    Torque sensor
    4 "intelligent" assistance levels: 35% - 75% - 150% - 300%
    Regenerative assistance
    Regenerative braking
    Maximum range: 80km (note: use of regenerative mode can increase range)
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    First I've heard of it. In some ways, I approve, but it would make the whole system even more proprietary.

    If what you are looking for, is something more in the way of an "appliance" then this might suit.

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    With 250w of power 3 spds would definitely be a plus. Better be an autoshift though to meet regs.

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