This is to especially those not using a BMS. Make sure you check your cell voltages after you Charge them !! One of my cells did not charge completely for some reason. I'm now going to check my voltages after each charge. I didn't lose any cells thank god because I caught it before going out and riding. If you don't charge all the cells to full and you go out riding, you could very well lose a cell because the weak cell is not as full as the others. Like if you had 8 glasses of water and they were all filled to the same level except one was half full and you try to take the same amount out of each, eventually the one that is the least full will reach bottom before the others.

An easier way to prevent this is to just get a cell log monitor which monitors each individual cell.

It'll be very obvious if they didn't all charge. One of my cells was 3.38v and the rest were all around 3.50v.