I've been goole'n for hours and not much info is out there on two person bike seats.

Please answer here and or the related thread.


Here's what I just posted in the very old non electric bike thread above.


eBike/Electric (passenger seat options?)
Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I can't find much info on adding passengers to a bicycle. Normally it would be tough to move with that weight but I have a battery + motor in my bake wheel to assist me.

I'd like to power someone around the hills of San Francisco via my Electric Bicycle/eBike. I'm looking for any combination of pegs/pogo/seat post rack/banana seat/etc so someone can zip along with me for fun. (sometimes)


I just bought a new eBike. (Pedego Umbrella 16) Folds/Electric powered, can still pedal too.

See page 7 for the spec sheet:

This video is terrible but it shows what I have. (the black folding one show a couple times)

I got it from here in soma:

Which rack would be strong enough for a passenger to sit on? I looked and it says the Odyssee supports over 150lbs.
The problem is I only have 16" tires.

I don't think DKSwoop is around any more. I can't even find anything via google about the deuce. (no photos or videos even?)

I can't find anything on the megalowrider either.