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    Great deal on lifepo4 charger...

    free shipping on this..I just ordered it...for $99 shipped..

    charges at 6 A/h rate...has many built in protection features....and supposedly has advanced circuitry that puts the charger in " standby mode' when the BMS tells the charger the battery is fully charged , but the charger will automatically turn back on if 1 or more the the lifepo4 cells prove to be undercharged afterwards....

    at a 6 A/h charging long would it take to charge a lifepo4 battery that is 48 volt/ 20 A/h that has been discharged to its lowest , safest levels ? In other words, on a 20 A/h lifepo4 battery , what is the lowest A/H reading it can be dishcarged to , wihtout damaging the cells ?

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    I can't answer your questions, but, I have dealt with Cycle9, their customer service is outstanding. They seem to be very knowledgeable about what they sell.
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