I bought this Bionx charger online that has the wrong output for my Bionx. I based my decision on the model #: HP8204C(10S). It turns out that the output is different. The one I bought has 36VDC/2A. Mine uses 42VDC/2A. Why Bionx has the same model # with different outputs is a question for another day.

Anyway, Iíd be willing to trade this 36VDC one for a 42VDC one? Also, it should have 4 prongs. The seller called this charger new and it certainly looks new. Powers up and everything, but remains on red on a fully charged battery. If anyone is interested email me at topbrand <atsign> gmail <dot> com. Iíll send you this one for your 42VDC one. Thanks in advance.