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    toxic smelling liquid leaking from scooter

    I've had my kaishan k500w for over 4 years now. Has been a great bike, though recently developed quite a few problems from so much use. Brakes don't work, mirrors broke off, lights don't work, battery life significantly decreased, sticky throttle. It still has more power than any other electric scooter I've driven. \

    However I just moved to a new city and its become too dangerous to drive so its been sitting in my garage for over a month without being used. Two days ago I decided to plug it in, started to charge as usual and then I forgot about it.

    This morning I walked into my garage to smell the most disgusting odor imaginable. Very strong chemical smell, I couldn't even breath. I look at my scooter and underneath was a big puddle of liquid, and I could see it still dripping. I'm so confused, it hasn't been out in the rain or anything. I didn't even know electric scooters had fluid in them, not to mention something so toxic smelling.

    I'm honestly scared to go near the thing, let alone clean up the mess incase its battery acid or something. I left my garage door open all day and the smell is much less, but I don't feel like those are the kind of fumes I want in my house.

    What happened? What should I do? Is my bike still going to work?

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    Sounds like the battery overcharged and now your scooter is coated in acid. Sorry, but it is likely dead.

    You may wish to ask on Endless Sphere as they deal with all kinds of electric vehicles and this is a bicycle forum.

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