I've detailed my needs and circumstances on other posts as I try to figure out which bike to buy (electric, folding, or electric-folding), so I'll just ask here if anyone has experience with this bike. Until now I'd ruled out electric folders, because they seem to solve neither of my sets of issues very well, but this bike is relatively light and seems like a candidate.

Anyone have any insights? It has that inline motor that is so well spoken of here--and I'm SF bay area with steep hills to climb--but is it fun to ride and also hardy enough?

(Background if you haven't seen my other threads: I'm 45 y/o, female, not very athletic, 5'5", 140 lbs, steel in hips with some restrictions esp. I am not allowed to put strain on the hip with uphill riding, want a girls' style for easy mount/dismount, want a bike for fun, light exercise and commuting and errands within a 6-mi radius of my STEEP hill--grades including 28-32% in a few spots.)