I am looking for recommendations for the ideal 36-48V, 10-15ah battery to mount inside the frame triangle hanging from top tube off my cyclocross frame.

I want to design a bike similar in appearance only to this bike by Hi-Power Cycles http://www.hi-powercycles.com/produc...&categoryId=16

I am trying to source out a battery that will meet my design needs for a small thin light weight battery.

Total length cannot exceed 20 long, 3 thick, and 6 deep.

I would prefer one already made as I do not wish to by individual cells and construct my own. I am hoping to find someone already making something similar.

Ebike of New England offers a custom battery that mounts to the water bottle attachment points that nearly fits the bill. There battery is a LiPo 36v 12ah that weighs 8.7 lbs and is sort of cylindrical tube shape measuring 16 x 3.9 x 3.5. This will work unless I can find a 36 or 48v version that is skinnier to fit under the top tube so I have more leg clearance.

Additionally I am looking for a good 20-30amp controller that is longer and skinnier than the common 6 x 4 x 3..if such a thing exists. I want to mount his inside the bag with the battery.

I want to buy a pretty much plug and play setup, and preferably, from a source inside the USA. My target investment goal is around $1500, for hub motor, 700mm rim w/ 9spd freewheel, batteries/charger, controller, thumb throttle, CA, and material for homemade battery bag.

For more detail, I am a very fit 40 something cyclist and runner, average around 100 miles a week. I am under 160lbs fully dressed and am looking to add a rear geared 350-500W hub motor on an extra bike I have to use for my morning 20 mile commute to work. I do not have access to shower facilities and need to get to work in the summer without being a sweaty mess. I plan on using ZERO assist on the way home as part of my training so free wheel and light weight are mandatory.

My bike is currently setup as a double in front 39/53 and 9 spd rear 11-32.

I am hoping to be between the 15mph-20mph speed going to work (with light pedal input). I live just south of Chicago IL, (USA) in a nearly completely flat area.