I am looking into buying a BH Emotion pedelec ( http://www.bh-emotion.com/en/ ) -- and being in Spain I have many options. I have test ridden two models and I really like them. My goal is to use it for commuting ~7km each way to/from work. The return trip (after a ~10 hour work day) involves climbing up through a windy road of about 150-200m with very sharp slopes at few points. Unless I am in a hurry, I plan to pedal unassisted to the work and in the way back with minimum assist until I hit the hill and use the assist to enable my climb without exhausting me completely. So I want to pick a bike that rides nice unassisted.

This is where my confusion arises. I have narrowed my choices to between two lines of bikes (Neo vs 700 series) and within the series two types (Cross vs City). City & cross versions in both series cost the same, the 700 series are about ~300 Euros cheaper than the Neo series.

Neo series:
700 Cross:
700 City:

As far as I can tell, the main differences are in the components and possibly the clunkiness. I am worried specially about the latter.

There are so few reviews of these bikes so I could not get good information. IF anyone has used both or have any insights, I would really appreciate it.

Specific questions I have:

1- In case of NEO, am I paying for the fancy design of integrated battery pack or are the components really better than the 700 series?
2- Is the fancy, curved battery pack a call for more expense and possibly the inability to utilize the bike in the future if they stop making that battery pack?
3- Sport vs City:
- Test rode Neo sport. It felt good. It does not come with a rack, lights, mud-guards. I am pretty sure I would install them sooner or later. Lights immediately. Has disk brakes.
- City comes with a rack, lights, mud-guards etc installed but it is a step through bicycle, has v-brakes. It is basically ready for me to ride.
Q: Based on the specs and/or experience, is the city one expected to be really clunky unassisted?
Q: I think disk brakes will have a better lifetime and be safer when descending this hill. Is that true?
4- Neo vs 700:
- Neo is rear drive, 700 is mid-drive. What is better for the hills?
- Neo has 350W motor , 700 has 250 W motor. Both have mph limitations to comply with local laws. I did not test drive the 250W. Is the difference so huge?
- Neo has fancy, curved battery back, 700 is the usual one with a holder. Does it matter?
5 - My way to work involves this descent. Neo has brake sensors that stop the assist and charge the battery when braking, 700 has no sensors. Is that important?