I was looking for a bicycle that i could carry the kids in,but i dont like the back trailer ones,so i saw a christiana cargo tricycle for a wooping $3000 and you have to pedal all the way,and that got me thinking,found a bunch of d.i.y. sites and came up with some ideas,just let me know what you think.The reason for the e-motor is adding all this +kids+myself + toys,backpack ,ect.adds to about 400 poundsand a little assist would be good.
2-Hubzilla Motor $600 +
maybe,there are cheaper ones.
3-4x 12v 28ah TD28-12A battery $60x4 =$240
or 2 x24v not sure.
4-Avid Bb5 Mountain Bike 160 Front Or Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes $50 x 2 =$100
for both front wheels.
5-Crystalyte motor controller $150
6-lights,seatbelts,wooden frame,canopy,ect. $100
TOTAL +/- $2000