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    Which bike would you recommend

    I already posted this thread to a mountain bike forum, but I didn't mention I want to set up an electric kit on one of the bikes I'm looking right now. The reason for me to set up a kit is because I live in a hilly area, I have two jobs, last of which ends around 10pm and it could be tiring coming back home (about 6.5 km one way) every night like that. No days off at the moment.
    So, here are the bikes I'm trying to compare. Which one would you recommend and why?

    Giant Talon 1

    Fuji Nevada 29 1.3

    The shop where I want to install an electric kit trying to sell me the above Nevada offering me a $100 discount for the bike from its retail price, e.g. $850

    I currently own Giant Cross City 4 road bike and I bought it obviously because I heard of the brand name and was expecting a higher quality of the product than expected which I probably got for the money I paid. Should I expect from Fuji brand the same? I was told in the above shop that Fuji compare to Giant Talon 1 model has better specs for fork and breaks. How true is that and should I "get sold on this"? What do you think??

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    I couldn’t get to either of those links for some reason. How much power are you thinking? What motor will you be buying? Front or rear? Most people like the old ‘90s steel frame bikes with a rock shock. With steel, you don’t have to worry about a part suddenly snapping off (steel will bend, unlike aluminum). For an E-bike, good brakes and possibly a good shock are important. Those 29” tires are going to take a little more torque to get up to speed compared to a 26”. Some people even prefer 24”or 20” wheels. So make sure you have a torquey motor.

    Didn't want a motor on the road bike, eh?

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