Just a week ago my father finally decided to pull a trigger on ordering components for his ebike. Something that caught my attention over a year ago was how some lipos for hobbyking didn't fit the usual price point. The prices usually go up when you add capacity or number of cells but their 4s 5000mah 20c (which are actually +25c*) was cheaper than any 3s 5000mah. Oh, and it also weights in at about 0.5kg. My father will run these as 8s 10000mah or 15000mah.

We had 1 of these LiPos already that was used in a RC FPV plane and it gave us about 45 mins of flight time and hasn't had any problems. After the 6 more packs we just bought come on Nov 20th, I'll update the post if all packs came balanced etc.

Because this LiPo has such a good value, they have been out of stock for a long time until now.

USA warehouse (shipping was $18 for 6 lipos when I bought them yesterday)

International warehouse (shipping will be about $8 per pack no matter how many you order)

EU warehouse (packs cost $28 each, cheaper shipping than international warehouse)


-*When another RCGroups member did some testing on 6 of these packs, he found out that all of them were +25C and 2 of them were between 35C and 40C.