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    E+ Mountain Bike --> is it possible to convert to a new battery?

    I'm the original owner of an E+ Mountain Bike. I've loved it and ridden it for < 1000 miles. It's still working great and the battery probably has a long time to go, but I don't have time to ride it anymore. I've been thinking about selling it (I live in Idaho), but the fact that you can't get new batteries seems a major sticking point. Has anyone dealt with converting an E+ to use a new battery? Is it even possible for someone who's not familiar with electronics/electrical wiring?

    Thanks for your input!

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    I am the owners of EPLUS 1000W system.
    search for Eplus on this forum to read long thread about Eplus started by Metalman member.
    here is the thread:

    My E+ review

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