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    How to lock my battery to my bike?

    I recently just got a hill topper from Clean Republic. I've been mounting it on a front rack. I am nervous to ever leave the battery on the bike, so I've been disconnecting it and taking it with me, but this is a huge pain, as well as I then have to lug a 4.5lb battery around. I'm looking for some sort of basket or bag that I can put it in, and leave it in locked up when I go somewhere. I've been trying to find like a wire basket with a lid, but I have not found one! I'm interested in locking it on the front or back rack. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    My battery slides into the rear rack that came with it, then it locks with a key, but the rack is still held on by only a few screws and could be removed fairly quickly. Even if I could lock the rack to the bike, I wouldn't leave the battery on the bike unless I was willing to replace it. That's a $375 part waiting to be stolen.

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