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    missing battery for energe-bike

    So a customer asked me to tune up an electrice bike given to him. Everything is in order except the battery is missing. I'm not finding too information out about this brand. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement battery for it? Or am I able to buy a battery for a different type of bike and swap out mounting hardware to make it work?

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    You can usually use a different battery as long as the voltages match, but the mounting for the new battery is likely to be a problem. Plugs too, but it's not that difficult to change plugs if needed. And if it's a different chemistry, you'll usually need a different charger.

    Is it like the bike in this video? It looks like their web site is still down after a week ago when I tried to view it, so that's a very bad sign.

    In any event, probably the best you can do is bring what you've got to a local e-bike shop and ask what you're looking at in terms of finding a replacement battery. They'll certainly be able to better figure it out than we can just based on a name.

    But do be warned ... batteries are quite expensive.

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