I have a dual or maybe a triple problem:

1. Even when coasting, the motor on my NeoVolt will kick in for a couple of seconds if I hit a bump. This is distracting and dangerous. Any thoughts on possible causes?

2. With the electricity (controller) shut off, it's often very hard to pedal on the level or up even a slight grade. Feels like I'm dragging an anchor. Does this mean that the motor is somehow engaged even when off?

3. When using lowest 3 (of 5 total) power settings, the motor holds me back from pedaling and traveling at the speed I would normally attain with pedals alone on a non-e-bike. In a way, this is similar to problem #2 . It feels like there is a drag effect from the motor if I go over a very low velocity (10-12mph), almost as if there were a governor. In the top two power settings, there is no such problem; I can jet along at up to 25mph without difficulty. As a result I'm using higher power settings more than I would prefer, just to keep going without being held back.

Any thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.