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    Question Bafang BBS02 500W - Which battery to get?

    First post here. I've been reading the forum for a while, and I am now ready to start my e-bike conversion...

    I decided to go with the Bafang BBS02 500W. I live in Canada, and 500 Watts is the max we can get if we want to stay legal.

    I currently narrowed my search to 2 different sets of motor/battery:

    1 - Bafang BBS02 48V/500W with 48V/20ah rack mount battery.
    2 - Bafang BBS02 36V/500W with 36V11.6AH "bottle" battery pack.

    If we exclude the weight / balance issue of the rack mount battery. Is there really a big difference in Power / Max speed / Range between both setup?
    And is the 20ah battery too powerfull for the BBS02? Should I get a 15ah instead?

    Thanks all!

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    Hi SK,

    I'm pretty new to this as well but this is how I understand it:
    Higher voltage = higher top speed. So the 48V kit will allegedly have a higher top speed, unless there is a speed limit built into the controller.
    EBike Beginners info - Endless Sphere Wiki

    The different AH ratings (20AH vs 11.6AH) are a measure of capacity. More AH = longer distance you can travel on a charge. You can multiply the voltage by the AH to get Watt Hours (Wh) for that battery.
    48 * 20 = 960Wh rack mount
    36 * 11.6 = 418 Wh bottle battery.

    My ebike does about 18Wh per km if I'm going fast without pedalling much, so my range would be:
    960Wh / 18 = 53kms on rack mount battery.
    418 Wh / 18 = 23kms on bottle battery.

    The AH do not relate to "too powerful" or not. So assuming the motor supports 48V (I think it does) then its fine.


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