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    need some recommendation on electric bike/motor

    looking to spend no more than $1000-$500
    mainly do a 26miles route, so 13 miles to my work and 13 miles back home
    I would expect something 26" wheel with a battery but I will just put a rear rack and some bags on
    mostly flat road
    would be nice if it has warrenty
    also would be nice if it has cassette body on so i can put something like a 9 speed cassette on.
    i am in us

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    I joined BF in an attempt at locating a good ebike kit. Individually the people who subscribe are very helpful here and aren't acerbic & antagonistic like some other sites. That said, there isn't much ebike activity on BF. The problem with kits AFAICT is that most motors (with the exception of the mid-drive and expensive Bosch) and many batteries are made in China; therefore, IMHO, QC is lacking. Falco has an intriguing kit (@ $1300 or so) but my choice at this time would be a Hill Topper ($400 or so with a lithium battery and you build the wheel) with a one year warranty (if you need it and they honor it). I'm waiting until Interbike to see what's new (although this is a bike show, there may be something kit-wise). Also, if possible I'm looking for kits with Panasonic or Samsung batteries. May be of interest, I've ridden Pedego and Motiv bikes and was very impressed during the test ride.

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