Hi everyone, Im new to the forums and new to ebikes in general. Certainly glad I found this forum.

Long story short I'm converting a 3 wheel bike to a electric bike with a MagicPie3 for my ailing mother. I am going with a 48 volt system and have most of the parts and things hammered out.

What I would like to do is add a heavy diode (directed from MagicPie III motor to battery on the positive lead) basically bypassing the keyed switch and possibly fuse to the battery to prevent damage to the motor if the fuse popped or switch failed and regenerative braking took place over a distance. I have a 48 volt common keyed switch used for golf carts, and a standard inline fuse holder that I would install as close to the battery as possible.

Would this stud diode (600v 40A) serve my purpose? I am simply trying to add some protection to the motor.

Are there any other components that I can possibly add to add to the protection and longevity of the Magic Pie III?

The MP III (1000 watt) will be front mounted with cantilever brakes, the battery pack is 4 x 12volt (48volts) 10.5Ah sealed glass mat batteries. The 3 wheeled bike is a modified trail master.

Thanks for the help.