I'm writing you in order to get some info. I built an Ebike with rear wheel hub motor. 48V, 1500W. I'm using a Pb battery pack.
Now I want to upgrade my bike with an hybrid system.

I want to install a motor on the front wheel (with shaft, gears and clutch) that it could work as a motor or as a generator (coupled with a internal combustion engine)

So, I need help, because I don't know which kind of engine I have to use: brushed or BLDC?
I mean, It's possible to get suitable tension trough a controller with regen function? It's better to use controller for brushed or brushless?

Will you give me some aid? also, if you have some brands to advise me..I'll be very glad.

I'm looking for
nr.1 kit with:
1-engine 48V 750WW (more or less) - doesn't matter if BLDC o with brush (NOT HUB)
1-controller (48V dc) with regen (suitable for the engine)
1-throttle or suitable potentiometer
if there are different solutions I'll be glad to evaluate them.
the system will be supplied by lead battery pack 48V 20h
regen option is very important because I'll drive the system as a generator in order to charge the lead battery pack for half time of the engine time life (other half as engine)

If you need more details, please, don't hesitate to contact me.
thank you