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    Considering a Drift Stealth 2, other options?

    I was reading the Techmoan action cam reviews and am considering the Drift Stealth 2. I had an early go-pro and a SJ-4000. I liked being able to take pictures of my rides, particularly when I lived in China; but I hated the "cube" form factor. I am not even entirely clear where those particular action cams are at this point.


    Any thoughts about it and possible alternatives (please try to keep this under $150)?

    Any ideas which mount I would need for my Giro Sutton Helmet (side mount preferred)?

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    I wouldn't hesitate of I were you. Among bullet-shaped cameras Drift Stealth is the best (in my opinion cubes fail as action cameras). Maybe you could also consider Ghost, but it's bigger and heavier. Stealth's the most important advantage is its size. When you have it e.g. on a helmet, it's possible you could forget you actually have it I use it in mountain biking, so weight and aerodynamic shape are important for me. Also it has decent durability. I had several crash landings and it survived. Maybe the fact it doesn't need to be mounted on additional sticks contributed to that.

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