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    Sigmasport Buster 600

    Not a good name, but a great light. Has good full power runtime of 2 hours that lights things up enough to ride at speed, and the 13 hour mode is enough for casual commuting. The housing is aluminum instead of plastic, so seems it will take more abuse than the plastic lights I've had in the past. Sigma has been around for many years, mostly in the European market. If you want a good rechargeable light without having to lug around a battery pac this is one to consider.

    I should mention that I got this light because of my positive experience using the Sigma Rox 10.0 GPS computer since June. It's been rock solid. I haven't even bothered to hook up the speed transmitter since the GPS locks on quickly and is very accurate. It can be used with three different bikes and has great functionality. Some might be put off by the breadcrumb style tracking instead of full map, but it works for me, as using a map on a little screen drives me batty. It has two screens for "favorites" that can simultaneously display up to 9 pieces of information. My go to I've divided into five: speed, average speed, ride time, distance, and clock time for the large middle display. For the unit along with speed, cadence and HR $220 (Amazon) is better by far than a comparable Garmin.
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