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Old 06-20-07, 12:17 PM   #1
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cateye double wireless problem

I'm obviously new to this forum. I have recently purchased and installed a cateye double wireless (speed and cadence) monitor. The problem I'm experiencing is when I am riding out of the saddle the speed drops very low. It doesn't go to zero, but it is considerably less than what I am actually going. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this before. The only thing I could think of is that maybe when I'm out of the saddle I am somehow blocking the signal.
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East Hill
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Hello Mark, I can't help you at all with your Cateye, but I can at least say,

Welcome to BF!

East Hill
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Wil Davis
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Hi Mark,

Welcome to BF. If you're using a heart-rate-monitor, the chest-strap transmitter might interfere with the Cateye signals (you might want to play around with the channel-id on the Cateye in the hope that you might find a channel which isn't affected by what ever it is you're doing).

I have a Cateye Mini on my MTB, and it works fine but if I'm on the rollers and the TV is switched on the Mini won't work at all. However in exactly the same positions, both my road bikes (each with the Cateye CD300DW) work perfectly (I've yet to work out exactly what's going on there!).

- Wil
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Old 06-20-07, 02:05 PM   #4
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If you sit down will the speed then pick right up? How is it if you really hammer on the cranks, does the speed go down as well? What kind of bike do you have? Is it possible you're getting frame flex or something? Check the gap between the sensor and the wheel magnet also.

First things I'd check would be the magnet on the wheel. Then I'd check the sensor is secured properly to the chain stay. You can also try changing both batteries as they don't last too long in that system. I have one and am selling it because the battery life is so poor.
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Old 06-20-07, 02:36 PM   #5
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I have it and I have the exact same issue. As spdrcr5 alludes it is in fact due to frame flex. Basically when you are out of the saddle the frame is flexing under load and changing the distance between the magnet and sensor enough to intermittantly lose passes of the magnet (read a lower speed).

I have tried to remedy the problem by switching to stronger magnets, playing with the sensor arm location/setup, etc. My issue is that the design of my chainstays on my frame does not lend itself well to use of this computer.

Currently I am living with it. I only notice a small variation in distance over a century when compared to others that I ride with. The ill effects are not worth replaceing the unit with one of my many wired units.

BTW - I just discovered this last weekend that the issue also occurs when under severe climbing conditions even while seated. For the record I am using mine on a Giant TCR C2 from 2005.
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Old 06-20-07, 04:38 PM   #6
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thanks for info.

It sounds like what you guys are saying is right. It does also happen when I hammer down while seated and it just shows a slower speed. All in all over a long ride it doesn't really make that much difference. I ride a 2006 Giant TCR2. The sensor doesn't align perfectly and the cadence sensor actually barely rubs the magnet on every revolution. I assume that this will ultimately be a problem but it works fine for now. Thanks again for all your information on this. I might try to adjust the sensor a little. I'm going on a ride right now and I'll check it out.
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Old 07-26-07, 06:30 AM   #7
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Hi utdentite,

I am having the same problem. I have CatEye CD300DW for cadence and speed and Polar F11 for HRM. My speed will go about 3-5 mph when I got off the saddle or when the cadence is about 90-95 (while seated). I had reset the CD300DW a few times to change the "ID" as well as re-adjust the location of the transmitter, but not success.
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Old 07-31-07, 07:19 AM   #8
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no more problems

I adjusted the sensor a couple of times and am not having the problem anymore. I haven't been using a HRM recently so I don't know if that would make a difference.
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