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Helmet, bottle, and cage

Hey all,

just got a new bike, now I'm in the spending phase where I burn what I didn't put into the bike on extra toys...I've got my computer and lights, but I need a helmet bottle and cage. I'd rather not spend a lot. Obviously for the helmet I don't want a five dollar piece of garbage from walmart that won't do a bit of good, but I don't need a $200 racing helmet...any advice for cheap but decent quality stuff?
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Check for sales at your LBS or a sporting goods store like REI. I got a deal on a Giro Transfer that was on clearance at REI awhile back. CPSC approved, and stylish to boot. I think it was about $30, give or take. Spendier helmets tend to be lighter and/or better venting, but something in the $30-$60 range should work just fine. I've also read good things about Bell's Metro line on the forum. Might get one when I have to replace my Giro.


EDIT: Maybe I paid less for my Giro. Performance has the current model for $24.99+shipping. click here.

EDIT 2: Seems more like a question to ask in the General Discussion or commuting forums. May want to try asking there, too.
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I had a helmet experience that may be of help, Nephew comes home one night(Lived with us) and he got this raging hot deal on a helmet @Kmart,, He got me one too. Well, it fits nice.
But not being sold on the $69 at the bike store, I begged my LBS to explain whats the difference, unable to do so he said "Buy it, try it, if you don't see the difference I will give your money back" ....
Well I tried it, way cooler(Temp wise) Lighter, half the weight, both Bell.....I will say they tied for fit.
So I use the Kmart Bell for winter, it is warmer,,,,
things I can see different,,,, The $69 one has the outer shell bonded to the inner, it has way bigger cooling vents, and it has a knob to adjust the head band. They both say BELL on them. Yes the good one is worth $50 more.
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I think the problem with the cheap helmet isn't going to be that it doesn't do a bit of good- they all generally meet the same safety standards. More likely a problem with style (or lack thereof), size, brands, etc. Also, Walmart predominantly has kid gear, so not that many adult helmets.

Go to and read up- some good info.
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My main piece of advice it to be sure to try on a bunch of helmets. Even if you end up buying on line, visit at least one or two shops where they carry a good selection of helmets and try on several before making a decision.

After some recent research, I really thought I wanted a Giro. Tried on a bunch of Giros and a bunch of Bells and for whatever reason, the Bells were generally more comfortable to me. And one in particular (the Bell Variant) was the most comfortable of the lot.

I originally didn't plan on spending quite as much as I spent ($100 helmet, but I got it for $80), but knowing I was going to be wearing it a BUNCH, I decided high comfort level was important enough to spend $30 or $40 more than I originally planned. And, even though you can read a lot of reviews on helmets and take a lot of advice on which ones to consider, until it's strapped on your own head, there's no telling how a particular helmet is going to feel to you. I think in general, the more expensive helmets tend to be more comfortable because of weight and ventilation, but a helmet's expense doesn't always equate to comfort for any given individual if the shape and fit feel wrong.

OK, that's my 2 cents...
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Go to and read helmet reviews. There are a lot. Most people agree that you either have a Bell head or a Giro head. The more expensive helmets have better ventilation. If you are going to be riding in hot weather the extra ventilation is worth it. I now have a Bell Sweep R and it is noticeably better ventilated than my less expensive Trek Interval. I will probably wear the Trek in the winter.
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Originally Posted by StephenH View Post
Go to and read up- some good info.
I second that. If you're someone who has never actually had to do helmet research before, the site is in my mind one of the most informational for the average consumer (can help you sort out what you need to think about on several levels and good information on helmet trends, new models worth checking out, etc.).

Another good site for reviews is They have a helmet section here (if you haven't already seen it):
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