I am cross posting this from another thread.

The two problems that I am outlining have been fully verified by Garmin Support using the latest firmware 3.2. They occur ONLY when you are in the advanced mode (Training>Workouts>Advanced).

I hestitated to bring this up because I know I will get the folks who do not use the advanced mode saying "not in my experience".

So, let me reiterate.....the Garmin works fine, auto pause works fine, alerts off works fine, EXCEPT WHEN YOU ARE IN THE ADVANCED MODE. You may not even use the advanced mode. This is the mode that is used when programming your own personal workouts using TC.

I am posting this to help those, WHO USE THE ADVANCED MODE, to avoid unnessary head scratching and false speed data.


A couple of things if you use Training>Workouts>Advanced. (You will use this mode if you download your workouts from Training Center)

All alerts are controlled by the advanced mode. Therefore, if you have alerts turned off in the system setup, Garmin will still give you alerts unless you program the "no alerts" in TC. I contacted Garmin and they did not think this was a fault. It seems to me to be an unnessary redundancy.

All timing is controlled by the advanced mode. Therefore, if you have auto pause turned on in the system setup, you still have to manually turn off the timer when you come to a rest stop and turn it back on when you resume your ride. Otherwise, your speed data will be off. I contacted Garmin and here they agreed that a firmware change needed to be made.