I've narrowed down my light search to these 2 lights. Possibly the PB Alias but these are the first choices. Both are the NiMH models. The explorer is not listed on Cygolite's website anymore leading me to believe it's been discontinued. I'm going to check with them tomorrow. I know there are issues with the switches but with the Rover, I would probably leave it on 16w and just plug/unplug to turn it on/off. I will be using it to ride suburban streets in the early am, 2-3 days per week thru the fall/spring, not all winter. Some roads have streetlights, most don't. I'm thinking the explorer might be brighter than I need from some of the posts here but it is only $10 more for 25w. With the Rover one beam is angled 5 degrees, don't think the Explorer does that. Every post/review I've read says that the Cygolite customer service is great and that's important to me. Neither has the smart charger but most of my rides needing light are only 1 hr so I could probably get 2 days out of it and then charge overnight. Can anyone who has either of these give me their opinion please? Thanks