Until I get something better, I decided to revive my old Polar HRM that I haven't used in a few years. The trouble was dead battery in the watch. So I went down to the CVS. I ended up buying a two pack of 2032 batteries and it's a good thing I did. After changing out the battery in the watch, the chest strap transmitter was also dead. The trouble is it's the T31 model strap that is sealed up molded in plastic. I figured it's dead already so I might as well take a crack at fixing it. It worked out well so here is what I figured out:

1. Take a razor and cut around the edge of the larger oval surrounding the Polar logo. Cut along one edge (I suppose you could go ahead a cut all the way around). Don't cut the middle else you might damage the circuit board or components.

2. After cutting it open like a clamshell, you'll see a black plastic cover in the front.

3. You'll need to remove the three small screws in the back to remove the cover and expose the battery.

4. Remove the plastic cover and the old battery. Don't lose the gold leads.

5. Replace with a new 2032 battery.

6. Put it all back together. Use some RTV silicone sealer around the cut edges to seal it back up and tape it to hold in place until it drys.

7. Go have a great workout with lower lows and higher highs.

Now back you our regularly scheduled program...