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    Schmidt E6 standlight?

    Is it possible to add standlight functionality to an E6?

    Not another light, but just a little gadget (w/ capacitors in it i guess?) that stores up energy and then releases it when you come to a stop. Someone told me you can buy such a thing and just splice it in - where to get such a widget?

    I found this thread about making your own standlight, but it seems a little different than what I want.

    Thx in advance!
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    There is no way to have one built in the E-6. You could follow the thread shown above, but as far as I'm concerned, I use the Planet Bike 1/2 W Blaze with electrical tape to seal the opening.

    Advantages :
    – priced slightly above 15 $
    – wired independently from the E-6, so you can use it as a backup or repair light
    – also has a flashing mode, which I find most useful in business districts or in the fog.
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