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    SRAM I-Light Info and with Which Lights

    I have been researching a dynamo hub and certainly would like to be able to afford the Schmidt with a wheel built up by Peter White for my touring bike. Unfortunately, that isn't an option right now.

    I found the SRAM I-Light on the web for $ 59.95 in 36 hole and another article on the efficiency of the SRAM, Schmidt, Shimano and one one other. The SRAM was almost identical to the Schmidt.

    I have a Tubus front rack and have already customized a short piece of mountain bike bar to the front hoop as a mounting place for my existing lights which are CygoLite Nite-Rover, which do not hold a charge long at all. I'm not happy with them. Anyway, that is the reason for my research.

    Any idea which lights from Peter White or others for that matter would work well with the SRAM?
    F Thomas

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    From what I can see on the website, it's 6 V total, with typical setup being 6 V 2.4 W front, and 6 V 0,6 W rear (or a single 3 W headlight, no taillight). And from what I see, it looks very much like one of the Shimano dynohubs, which lets me think that both might be made by the same manufacturer and simply branded differently.

    It would therefore work with Peter White's dynamo lights.
    One word of caution : not sure if the dual headlight setup would work.
    Michel Gagnon
    Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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